When an SMS contact opts out

Learn what happens to a contact after they opt-out from SMS messages.


Contacts can opt-out of SMS communication by replying to your campaigns with stop words, such as STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, REMOVE, QUIT, CANCEL, and END.

After a stop word is received

When your contact responds with a stop word, we automatically suppress the contact, so they don't receive any more SMS campaigns from you.

View suppressed contacts

To view your suppressed contacts, go to Contacts > Suppressed contacts.

View opt-out messages

You can also see the opt-out messages from your contact in the SMS inbox. To find the SMS inbox, go to SMS > Reports > SMS inbox.

Resubscribe a contact

After a contact has opted out, you can't resubscribe them to SMS. However, your contact can text resubscribe themselves by messaging START or UNSTOP.

This is useful to know when you test SMS with your own phone number.
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