Install the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge for SFRA

Learn how to use the Engagement Cloud cartridge to integrate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge for SFRA.


Our certified cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is developed and integrated with Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA). Use the cartridge to:

  • Save email addresses for sending newsletters
    Available on your website footer, checkout, and user registration.
  • Send transactional emails
    With transactional emails, you can send different email types. For example:
    • Registration
    • Profile updated
    • Password change request and confirmation
    • Order creation
    • Order shipment
  • Track abandoned carts
    Track the content of a cart and identify your customers by email address. 
  • ROI and site tracking
    Track the journey of your contacts who access your storefront from marketing campaign links.
  • ROI value tracking
    Track customers when they pass orders from a campaign.

    To learn more about site ROI tracking, check out Using site ROI tracking.

If you're looking for integration for SFRA (3.2.0), check out article TBA

Defining cartridge limitations

The cartridge integrations is based on the SFRA demo store (v5.0.1) provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud and work with compatibility mode 19.10. There are no locale limitations to this cartridge.


To use the cartridge, you must have an active dotdigital Engagement Cloud account.

Installing the cartridge

Step 1: Import the cartridge

  1. Import the int_dotdigital_sfra into the UXStudio workspace.
  2. Open UXStudio in Eclipse IDE.
  3. Select File > Import > General > Existing projects.
  4. Browse to your directory where the cartridge int_dotdigital_sfra is downloaded.
  5. Select Finish and then OK.
  6. Repeat the above steps for and import int_dotdigital_core.

Step 2: Import metadata

  1. Find the folder site-template in the install package.
  2. Archive the folder to
  3. Import the file by using Site Import & Export.

Step 3: Configure the cartridge

  1. Modify the site path by going to Business Manager > Administration > Manage Sites.
  2. Add the cartridge name at the end of the path.

Configuration options

Setting Details
API Username To get this information from your user profile, go to Settings > Access > API Users.
API Password To get the information from your user profile, go to Settings > Access > API Users.

API Endpoint

To get the information from your user profile, go to Settings > Access > API Users.
Account Region Select the region for the Engagement Cloud account.
Address Book for Registered User The address book ID for capturing the registered user email ID.
Address Book for Guest User The address book for capturing guest user email IDs.
Enable ROI Tracking Enable ROI tracking.
Enable Abandoned Cart Enable an abandoned cart.
Tracking Profile ID The web behaviour tracking profile ID.
Program ID The ID of the Engagement Cloud program that sends out the abandoned cart email.
Cart Delay The time (in minutes) that is set to delay sending an email.
Account Creation Campaign ID The email template that's used to send an account creation email.
Account Edited Campaign ID The account profile edited email campaign ID.
Password Change Request Campaign ID The email template for sending password change request emails.
Password Changed Campaign ID The email template for sending password change request emails.
Order Confirmation Campaign ID The order confirmation campaign email ID.
Shipping Confirmation Campaign ID The shipping confirmation campaign email ID. 

Testing your installation

Use this checklist to test your installation is set up correctly:

  • As a logged-in customer in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront, check that the local storage DOTDIGITAL_AB_TRACKING exists.
  • Add or remove items from your cart and check that the local storage data is updated accordingly.

Disabling the dotdigital cartridge

There is no custom preference value available for disabling the dotdigital integration. To disable the integration, remove the cartridges, int_dotdigital_sfra and int_dotdigital_core from the cartridge path.

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