Using the eRFM block in segment builder

Learn how to use the eRFM block in the segment builder to target contacts based on their opportunity score.


eRFM is our ecommerce behavioural model is designed to help you better understand the potential of your contacts.

We've combined our RFM model (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) that looks at a contact's purchasing behaviour with our engagement model that looks at the engagement of a contact – for example, their email opens and clicks, web sessions, and abandoned carts.

When we combine these models, we can better understand and detect purchase intent across various customer types – from inactive contacts to champions. These are called Opportunities.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Use the eRFM block to create a segment

To use the eRFM block:

  1. Go to Email > Contacts > Segments.
  2. Select NEW SEGMENT, then Blank template.
    Learn how to use segment builder, check out the article Create a segment of your contacts.
  3. From the left side of the segment builder, under the heading Ecommerce, drag the eRFM block into either the Include or Exclude areas of the segment builder.
  4. Select the eRFM block to open the opportunity group selector.
    To learn more about opportunity groups, check out the article Using the Opportunities dashboard.
  5. Select the opportunity group you want to target with your segment.
  6. Select Apply.
  7. Select Save to save your segment.

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