Tools: Show or hide content based on a contact’s location

Learn how to use the Geo target block to only show content to visitors in a particular location.


The Geo target building block is only visible to viewers who are in the location you set. This personalises your page based on where the viewer is accessing it from. This is useful if you have a country-specific offer or you want to target contacts living near your next event location.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • This article assumes you are either editing or creating a new page or form.
    To learn how, check out the Pages and forms section Create, view, and edit.

How we locate visitors

Visitors to your page are located using GPS. If GPS isn’t available, wifi is used; this isn’t necessarily the connection the visitor is using. If neither GPS or wifi is available, then the visitor’s IP address is used; this is the least accurate method.

Add a Geo target block

To add a Geo target block to your page or form:

  1. Drag the Geo target block onto the EasyEditor canvas.
  2. Select the Settings icon.
  3. In the Friendly name box, enter a name for the block.
    This name appears in the block header in EasyEditor.
  4. For Location available, select Show or Hide. This decides what happens to the block content when the visitor’s location is unavailable.
  5. Select areas on the map you want to target by selecting and dragging the square, circle, or custom polygon tool.
  6. Select Apply.

That’s it! Continue editing your page or form.

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