Insight data: Catalog data - Magento 2

Learn how to map and synchronise your product catalog against your Dotdigital account.


The connector provides the facility to map and synchronise your product catalog against your Dotdigital account. With your product catalog synchronised, you will be able to insert products into campaigns with ease by utilising the 'Products' building block or setup Product Recommendations.

Enabling catalog sync

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > DOTDIGITAL > Sync Settings, and find the heading Sync.
  2. Expand the Catalog Enabled drop-down menu, and select Yes.
  3. Select Save Config. Magento then confirms that the settings are and the synchronisation begins.

List of synced catalog data

The catalog data that gets synced includes:

  • id - The database ID of the product
  • image_path - The image path of the default image for the product
  • stock - The current stock levels of the product
  • websites - The websites the product is currently available on
  • name - The name of the product
  • sku - The SKU of the product
  • status - The current status of the product in Magento
  • visibility - The current visibility status of the product
  • price - The current price of the product
  • special_price - The current special price set on the product
  • categories - The current categories associated with the product
  • url - The current URL the product can be viewed on

Catalog Sync Settings

You can choose to sync products of a certain visibility and/or product type rather than all products. This allows you to keep your catalog organised by excluding products that are no longer relevant on your site.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > DOTDIGITAL Configuration.

2. Under the heading Catalog Sync Settings, choose the Catalog Value, Product Visibility and CatalogTypes that you want to sync. 


3. When finished, select Save Config.

Broken Product Images?

Try setting the 'Store Value' to Store. This uses the store URL for the image path instead of the admin URL.


I have enabled the catalog sync but nothing is displaying in Dotdigital. How come?

This could be for the following reasons:

  • You do not have valid API credentials or saved details
  • AccountInsight is not enabled on your account
  • Cron is not running on your site
  • The importer is currently processing other imports and hasn't got to the catalog import yet

Why is the catalog data marked as imported in Magento but not showing in Dotdigital?

Insight data can take several minutes to be imported and show in Dotdigital even after a sync is complete. Also ensure you dont already have catalog data imported with matching Id's perhaps from a staging site as this key must be unique. 

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