Choose address books for Shopify customers and subscribers

Learn to synchronise your Shopify customers and subscribers and store them in specific address books in Dotdigital.


You can synchronise both subscribers and customers between your Shopify store and address books in your Dotdigital account.


These are contacts who have opted-in to marketing communications.

We will sync your subscribers into an address book called Store subscribers by default, but you can change this if you want.


These are all contacts that have purchased something on your site.

Customers = all subscribers + contacts who haven't opted-in to marketing communications

Because not all customers have opted into marketing communications, we don't sync them by default. But, if you want to sync your customers - for example, so that their purchasing data can be included in the Retail and Customer dashboards in Dotdigital - you can choose an address book for them.

To choose an address book for your Shopify subscribers and, if you want, turn on customers synchronisation:

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Integration hub.
  2. Under the Active tab, select Shopify.
  3. Under the heading Contacts, expand the Sync subscribers to drop-down menu, then select the Dotdigital address book that you want to sync your subscribers to.
  4. If you want to sync your customers too, expand the Sync customers to drop-down menu, then choose the Dotdigital address book you want to sync your customers to. You don’t need to sync customers if you don’t want to.

    It’s important to remember that not all customers have subscribed into marketing communications. If you choose to sync them, make sure you sync them to an address book that won’t be used for marketing communications.

  5. Select SAVE.
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