Map Shopify customer data to Dotdigital contact data fields

Learn how to map your Shopify customer data to contact data fields in Dotdigital and ensure you're sharing all the contact data you need.


Once you connect your Shopify store to Dotdigital, we automatically match your customers' first and last names to data fields in your Dotdigital account. But, if you want, you can also choose to sync additional customer information – for example, phone number, billing and shipping address, and much more.

Before you start

  • Your Shopify store must be connected to Dotdigital. Learn how.

New mappings

Mapping new data fields will cause a full historical resync of all existing mapped customers. This process can take several hours depending on how many customers you have.

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Customer data you can map to Dotdigital

This table lists all the Shopify customer data fields you can map to your Dotdigital data fields.

Customer field Data type
First name Text
Last name Text
Login Text
Created date Date
Phone Text
Note Text
Tags Text
Has account Text
Last order ID Numeric
Orders count Numeric
Total spent Numeric
Billing address 1 Text
Billing address 2 Text
Billing phone Text
Billing fax Text
Billing city Text
Billing postcode Text
Billing state Text
Billing region Text
Billing country Text
Billing company Text
Shipping address 1 Text
Shipping address 2 Text
Shipping phone Text
Shipping fax Text
Shipping city Text
Shipping postcode Text
Shipping state Text
Shipping region Text
Shipping country Text
Shipping company Text

Avoid overwriting similar data fields for different stores during a sync

We recommend creating and mapping different data fields for each of your stores. For example, if you have a UK and a US store, suffix each data field with the store region to avoid overwriting the wrong data fields during a sync:

  • UK store:
  • US store:

Map customer data to Dotdigital

To map your Shopify customer data to data fields in your Dotdigital account:

  1. Go to Settings > Shopify.
  2. On the Dotdigital Shopify settings page, select the Field mapping tab.
  3. This tab shows you a list of all the data that you can import into Dotdigital. By default, we map First name and Last name for you.field-mapping.png
  4. Find the Shopify customer data you want to map, expand its data field drop-down menu, then choose the Dotdigital data field you want to map it to.
  5. Once you've mapped all the data fields you need, select SAVE.
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