Map Shopware 6 customer data to Dotdigital contact data fields

Learn how to map your Shopware 6 customer fields to your Dotdigital contact data fields.


You can map your Shopware 6 customer fields to corresponding Dotdigital contact data fields.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Check out the Shopware 6 integration checklist to help track your progress.
  • Dotdigital's default contact data fields are automatically mapped to their equivalent Shopware customer field for you.
  • It's up to you which Shopware customer fields you want to synchronise. Leave customer fields unmapped if you don't want to sync that specific data to Dotdigital.

Map your field mapping settings

To map your field mapping settings:

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Settings > Shopware.
  2. Select the Field mapping tab.
  3. Expand the drop-down menu next to a Shopware customer field and choose the Dotdigital contact data field that you want to map and sync to.
  4. Once you're happy with your mapping, select SAVE, to begin syncing to these Dotdigital contact data fields.
    If you no longer want to sync data from a Shopware customer field, you can deselect the mapping here and select SAVE to update your mapping settings. The next time a sync runs, your Shopware data wonโ€™t sync to this Dotdigital contact data field.

Customer fields

The customer fields for Shopware are (with data types in parentheses):

  • First name (text)
  • Last name (text)
  • Created date (date)
  • Last Login Time (date)
  • Birthday (date)
  • Company (text)
  • Customer group (text)
  • Customer group ID (text)
  • Last order ID (text)
  • Orders count (numeric)
  • Billing address 1 (text)
  • Billing address 2 (text)
  • Billing phone (text)
  • Billing fax (text)
  • Billing city (text)
  • Billing postcode (text)
  • Billing state (text)
  • Billing region (text)
  • Billing country (text)
  • Billing company (text)
  • Shipping address 1 (text)
  • Shipping address 2 (text)
  • Shipping phone (text)
  • Shipping fax (text)
  • Shipping city (text)
  • Shipping postcode (text)
  • Shipping state (text)
  • Shipping region (text)
  • Shipping country (text)
  • Shipping company (text)
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