Enroll contacts in programs with Shopware flow builder

Learn how to use Shopware Flow Builder to enroll contacts in your Dotdigital programs.


You can use Shopware Flow Builder to trigger enrolling contacts in your Dotdigital programs. This is a useful way to automate responses to events that happen in your Shopware store.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

1. Set the trigger

The first step is to choose what event you want to trigger enrolling contacts in your program:

  1. In Shopware, go to Settings > Flow Builder and select Add flow.
  2. Enter your flow’s general information, including: Name, Description, and Priority.
  3. Turn on the Active toggle to set your flow to active.
    Alternatively, you can come back and activate your flow at the end.
  4. Select the Flow tab at the top.
  5. Expand the Trigger drop-down menu and choose a trigger.
    For this example we will expand the Newsletter drop-down menu and choose Register.

2. Add an action

Next, we need to add enrolling a contact in a program as a response to the trigger:

  1. On the Add conditions or actions menu, select Add action (THEN).
  2. Expand the Action drop-down menu and select Enroll a contact in a program.

3. Enroll contacts in a program

Choose the program you want your contacts to enroll in:

  1. Expand the Email address drop-down menu and choose which contact you want to enroll in a program.
    • For this example, we want to enroll contacts that have registered for our newsletters, so we will leave it set as Newsletter recipient.
    • If you want to test your flow, select Custom and enter your admin email address.
  2. Expand the Program drop-down menu and choose the program you want to enroll your contacts in.
    The full list of your Dotdigital programs are synced and available to choose. Use the search bar to find a specific program from the list.

4. Add or update contact data fields (optional)

Choose Dotdigital data fields and Shopware values you want to add or update to your contacts:

  1. Expand the Dotdigital data field drop-down menu and choose the data field.
  2. Enter a corresponding Shopware value.
    • For this example we will add the Dotdigital data field: Location and Shopware value: UK
    • Alternatively, you can add a Shopware variable instead of a value. To learn more, check out the Shopware article Email templates.
  3. Select the check mark icon to save the settings.
    You can add additional data fields and variables by selecting the settings (⋯) icon on a blank row and selecting Edit.
  4. To save, select Add Action.


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