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Delete a contact with Chat
Delete a contact with Chat

Remove contacts from your account using Chat.

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After deleting a contact within Chat, the contact is removed from your account following our contact deletion protocol. This means deleted contacts are retained in the recycle bin for 30 days before being permanently erased.

Delete a contact with Chat

  1. Go to Chat, then select the chat session of the contact you want to delete.

  2. Expand the Contact actions drop-down menu in the right column of the chat window, then select Delete contact.

  3. Read the warning message, confirm, and select Delete. If you change your mind, select Cancel.


After a contact is deleted

Deleting a named contact moves them to the recycle bin for 30-days, after which we remove them entirely from your account. If you accidentally delete a contact, you can get them back from the recycle bin any time within the 30-day window – unless, you remove them from the recycle bin manually.

If you delete an anonymous contact, we remove them permanently without using the recycle bin. There is no way to get an anonymous contact back.

To find the Recycle bin, expand the User Menu and go to Settings > General > Recycle bin.

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