Delete a suppressed contact

Deleting a suppressed contact involves deleting only their associated Insight and contact data field data.

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Deleting a suppressed contact differs from deleting a normal, unsuppressed contact because in most cases we need to retain the contact’s email address or mobile number in order to maintain the suppression - deleting a suppressed contact deletes only their associated data.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Deleting a suppressed contact permanently removes their contact data fields and Insight data from your account (the data does not go to the recycle bin).

  • You can only delete a suppressed contact if they are suppressed at a contact level, meaning they are suppressed on all available channels.

  • If the suppressed contact you want to delete has an email address awaiting verification—in Pending status—this must be deleted before you can delete the suppressed contact’s data.

  • The email address or mobile number of the contact is kept in order to maintain the suppression. This is so you can't unintentionally contact the individual in future by accidentally re-importing them to your account, for example.

  • Any data related to this contact from the Pages and forms, surveys, or transactional email tools, if you use them, is not automatically removed. This data can be deleted separately.

Delete a suppressed contact

An important note on GDPR compliance

When a suppressed contact wants you to remove them from your system, they're exercising their right to be forgotten. This delete action allows you to comply with this request by removing any data held in contact data fields, but remember to delete any other data you may hold for the contact, such as that held in survey or form responses, or the transactional email functionality.

To delete a suppressed contact:

  1. Go to Audience > Suppressions.

  2. Select the check box for the contact you want to delete.

  3. Select DELETE.

  4. Read the warning text, and select the checkboxes to confirm you understand each point.

  5. Select DELETE SUPPRESSED CONTACT, then, in the confirmation window, select OKAY.

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