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Add, edit, and style the Text block

Add text to your email campaigns and personalise the text's colour, size, and style.

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The text editing toolbar appears at the top of the EasyEditor design window.


Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You need to select a text box inside your campaign for the text editing toolbar to be active.

Add or edit text

To add text to a text block, select the box and enter your text. To edit an existing section of text, select the text and enter your new text or use the toolbar to edit the style.


Toolbar options



You might sometimes write the text for your campaigns in another application or webpage rather than working directly in EasyEditor, before using copy and paste to add this text to your campaign. Often, however, it’s not just the text that you copy, but also some of the formatting hidden in the HTML. This can cause design issues and formatting changes that you don’t want - some of which are only visible on certain devices or email clients.

To avoid pasting unwanted formatting into EasyEditor, use our paste tool.


When you select the remove all styles option in the Paste window, the paste tool removes any unwanted formatting and pastes only the text into EasyEditor. You can then style your text using the EasyEditor tools, which helps prevent hidden formatting and the issues this can cause.


If you want to keep some or all of your original formatting, expand the Formatting drop-down menu, then choose either keep basic styles or try and keep everything, but be aware that this may still bring in some unwanted HTML.


Use this tool to add a variety of different kinds of links to your campaign.

Data fields

Contact data fields enable you to personalise your campaign content for your recipients.


You can use the Symbol toolbar option to open a drop-down menu with a range of symbols to choose from.

To insert a symbol into your text:

  1. Select your text box.

  2. Select Symbol to open the symbols panel.


  3. If you don’t see the symbol you need, select More symbols to see a larger selection.


  4. Choose a symbol and select INSERT.

Add formatting to the text block

Once you have added text to your campaign, you’ll want to make sure it looks engaging for your readers. The EasyEditor has a range of style and formatting options to help you with this.


Screen size and the toolbar

On smaller screens, some of the toolbar options, such as text formatting and alignment, are compressed, and can be accessed using a dropdown menu instead of individual icons.

Toolbar item



Edit and apply consistent styles across your campaign.
See more about Styles.

Font face

Change the font face of the selected text.

Font size

Change the size of the font.

Text colour

Set the colour of your text. Select the arrow to the right of the icon to see colours already in use in the campaign and to access the colour picker. You can save custom colours to the My colours section from the colour picker.*



Formats text in bold.


Formats text in italic.


Underlines text.


Formats text with a strikethrough.


Formats text as superscript or subscript.

Text alignment

Set the alignment of the text to the left, centred, to the right or fully justified.

Line height

Choose from the presets of 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0, or set a custom height by typing it into the Custom field.

Lists (ordered or unordered)

To format text as a list, select the text and then expand the list drop-down and choose Bullet point (unordered) or Numbering (ordered).

*Remove colours from your My colours swatch by selecting Manage in the colour picker, selecting the unwanted colour or colours from the Manage colours window that appears, and then Remove selected.

Insert a table into your text block

If you want to use a table within your campaign, it needs to be added to a text block.

To do this:

  1. Select the Insert table icon, then use your mouse to draw the size of table you want to add (you can always adjust this later if you need to).


  2. Once the table has been added to your campaign, select it, and you will see that the toolbar expands to give options for editing the table.


  3. The Table, Column, Row and Cell drop-down menus allow you to edit various aspects of your table such as borders, background colour and alignment. You can add or delete columns and rows by selecting the relevant drop-down. The final icon is the Merge cells option which allows you to merge separate table cells together, or split cells that you have previously merged.

  4. Enter content into your table by selecting the cell where you want the content to be placed, then type your desired text.

Choose and manage styles in the text block

You can use Styles to apply consistent font styles across a campaign, and to edit and manage your text and button styles.

Change a font style

To change a font style:

  1. Select the text block that you wish to change and then select the Styles drop-down menu in the toolbar.

  2. The Styles panel opens, displaying the campaign's styles.


  3. Select the style that you want and it is applied instantly to the text block you've selected.

Manage your styles

You won't be able to manage styles if the campaign's styles have been locked. In campaigns with locked styles, you're only able to select the styles that are in the Styles drop-down menu.

To manage text styles in your campaign:

  1. Select Manage my styles at the bottom right of the Styles drop-down menu.

  2. The Manage styles side panel slides in from the right. Select the style you want to edit, and the Edit style panel appears for the selected style.

  3. Make any changes you want to the font, size, colour, alignment and line spacing for the style.


  4. Once you’re happy with your changes, select APPLY. All of the text for the edited style is then changed across the whole of your campaign, and updated in the Styles selector.

If you change the default style of the campaign, and then subsequently change another style, and then decide to change the default style again, the changes made to any other styles are maintained within your campaign and won't be overridden by the latest default style change.

Styles for buttons

You can also select styles for buttons, and manage them using the Styles menu option.

To manage your button styles

  1. Select either a button block or text block within your campaign body, and then select Styles > Manage my styles.

  2. Select the button style that you wish to edit from the side panel.

  3. In the Edit style panel make your changes to the design of the button and the button text.

    You cannot add or edit button links through the Styles manager.


  4. Once happy with your changes, select APPLY. All of the buttons for the edited style are then changed across the whole of your campaign, and updated in the Styles drop-down menu.

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