Social Sharing

Allow your contacts to share your email campaign through their social networks.

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Insert the Sharing block

You can add profiles from:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter/X

  • Digg

  • Reddit

To use the Sharing block in EasyEditor:

  1. Drag the Sharing block into your email campaign.


  2. Select the block.

  3. In the Sharing side panel, select a social network to add it to your email campaign as a share link.

  4. Select APPLY.

  5. In the Settings panel, you can choose to:

    • Add more social networks or remove them by selecting Add or remove social networks.

    • Change the label text.

    • Choose how big the icon size should be.

    • Decide where the label text of the social network should be appearing.

    • Change if the icons are displayed horizontally or vertically.

    • Choose if the icons should be left or right-aligned, centred, or stretched to fit the width of the whole block.

    • Configure the horizontal and vertical spacing of the icons.

  6. Select Preview to see how the icons look.

  7. Select Save.

Default sharing links

The social networks you choose are saved and used as the default selection when you next use this block.

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