Personalisation with Liquid: overview

Use Liquid script to add deeper personalisation to campaigns and landing pages.

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Liquid personalisation (which differs to our standard data field personalisation) is an additional feature that allows you to make use of Liquid, a flexible and dynamic markup language, to create highly personalised and targeted content in both campaigns and landing pages.

Liquid enables you to add Insight data to your content, so you can display items from contacts' order histories, preferences, and browsing behaviours. It can also make use of AccountInsight, meaning you can display items from your product catalog, staff contact details, and store or office locations.

How Liquid personalisation works

Liquid markup is made up of three parts:

  • Objects contain your data.

  • Tags create the logic and control the flow of the content.

  • Filters change the output of an object.

EasyEditor has specific blocks that can be dragged and dropped into campaigns and landing pages, making Liquid easy to add and then preview. For SMS or MMS campaigns, you can add Liquid using the Add personalisation feature.

What you can do with Liquid

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