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Send a triggered campaign when a contact unsubscribes from a list
Send a triggered campaign when a contact unsubscribes from a list

Set up a triggered campaign for unsubscribers that sends a personalised message to say thanks, seek feedback, or close on a positive note.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must already have set up the triggered campaign to use.

  • The unsubscribe action campaign is designed to send only when a single contact unsubscribes, through methods like an unsubscribe form or a preference center, and doesn't apply to bulk contact unsubscribes. Additionally, it only applies to contacts unsubscribing from a specific list, not when a contact is unsubscribed from the entire account.

Set up an unsubscribe action on a list

  1. Ensure you've created your list in the normal manner, giving it a unique name and entering a description.
    If it's a public list, then your contacts might see its name, so give it some thought.

  2. Once your list has been created, you can edit its settings. To do this, go to Audience > Lists and select the Properties icon next to the list.

  3. For Unsubscribe action, select SELECT CAMPAIGN.

  4. In the Select campaign side panel that appears, select the appropriate triggered campaign you would like to automatically send when a contact unsubscribed.

    This panel is scrollable and searchable, plus campaigns can be previewed before opting to select them.

  5. Select SAVE.

The chosen campaign now automatically sends to your contacts when they unsubscribe from the list.

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