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Last browsed WebInsight data in programs
Last browsed WebInsight data in programs

Use last browsed WebInsight data in a program.

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The product a contact last browsed can be identified because we extended our web behavior tracking script. Because of the extended script and its support of custom values, you can create programs that contain rules based on what your contacts have previously browsed.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Use WebInsight data in a program node

You can add an abandoned browse WebInsight data collection to your program by going to the Automation area (Email > Automation > All programs).

Learn more in Automations.

Here’s an example of a rule you can create:


If you do not have order data stored in your account, you can exclude contacts using WebInsight data. This is based on the page title of your order success page and the session start date.

Once you create a rule, you can build a basic program path like this one:


Program design considerations:

  • The web behavior collection’s custom fields are populated with a product

  • Session recency

  • Purchase recency

  • Overlap with any abandoned cart program (with cart emails taking priority)

  • Potential email send volumes may dramatically increase

  • Segments should be created to give an indication of the daily rate

  • Appropriateness of a second email in the journey — browse abandonment is a very low indicator of purchase intent

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