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Why email engagement might drop
Why email engagement might drop

If you're experiencing a decrease in open or click-through rates, it could be down to various factors.

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Unmet recipient expectations

Recipients might need help finding your subject lines interesting enough to want to open your emails. Alternatively, the content inside might need to be more engaging to encourage click-throughs.

Emails landing in the Spam folder

Your emails might be ending up in the spam folder of one or more mailbox providers; this can lead to reduced visibility and engagement.

Tracking pixel issues

For measuring opens, we use a tracking pixel image. An "open" is counted when the tracking pixel is downloaded or rendered. Mailbox providers don't trust emails in the spam folder and, as a result, won't automatically download or cache images for those emails. A sudden drop in opens can indicate a poor sender reputation and your emails landing in spam.

What to do if you're seeing no opens or clicks

If you're experiencing no opens or clicks, contact our support team. We can check your sending domain and help identify any technical issues.

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