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Email client breakdown report
Email client breakdown report

Use the Email client breakdown report for your campaigns.

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When you open an email campaign report, you see a headline tile that displays the most popular email client your contacts used to open the campaign.

To view a full breakdown of email client usage for the entire send, hover over this tile and select View more.

Alternatively, expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu and select Email client breakdown.

Use the Email client breakdown report

The first chart the report displays is a pie chart of email client usage for the contacts who opened the campaign. This gives you a quick visual overview of the most popular clients for your contacts.

You can drill down on individual email clients to see what versions of the client your contacts are using. To do, select the bar for the email client in the horizontal bar chart underneath the pie chart.

Specific email clients

Google Cache

On your report, you might see a percentage for Chrome and for Google Cache, and wonder what the difference is. Google Cache refers to when the client uses Google software (for example, the Gmail app on Android or iOS, and in most cases, the Gmail web application) to view the email. Google then intercepts all image requests and routes them through its cache. Chrome is when the contact is opening the email in the Google Chrome browser and isn't associated (necessarily) with a Gmail address, for example, when viewing your BT email in Chrome.

Apple Mail

Apple’s iOS15 update introduced changes that mean that open rates for Apple Mail are likely to be inaccurately reported. To learn more, check out the article Use clicks as the primary metric.

Filter the report

You can also filter the results displayed in the report by using our filter report function.

To do this:

  1. Select FILTER in the top right of the report.

  2. In the side panel, select the radio button for the type of filter you want to apply:

    • In the selected list
      Select the list you want to filter the report by.

    • In the selected segment
      Select an existing segment, or create a new one.

    • Who received the selected split test variation
      Select the split test version you want to filter the report by.

    • Who received the selected dynamic content variation
      Select the dynamic content version you want to filter the report by.

      The last two options are only available to select if the relevant feature was included in the campaign.

  3. Select APPLY.

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