Assign data fields to your form blocks

Add respondents that reply to your questions as new contacts, or update and improve data for your existing contacts.

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You can link the following form block types to your contact data fields:

  • Text box

  • Dropdown

  • Multiple choice

  • Checkbox list

  • Opinion scale

  • Date & time

  • Hidden value


You must have a Contact email or Contact mobile number form field on the page or form, so the data collected can be matched to the respondent.

Assign an email address or mobile number data field

It’s important that you create an email address or mobile number data field when your page or form contains assigned data fields. If you don’t do this, the data field information has nowhere to go because there’s no contact assigned to it.

To do this:

  1. Select the Build tab.

  2. Drag the Text box form block onto the canvas.

  3. Select either Contact email or Contact mobile number from the Question type drop-down menu in the side panel.

  4. Expand the Data field menu in the side panel.

  5. Select either from the drop-down menu:

    • Update (updates an existing respondent's data)

    • Hide this question (hides the question when there's already data on the respondent)

  6. Edit the text box on the canvas.


  7. Select SAVE.

You can choose which list or program your contacts are added to or enrolled in by going to Form options > Submit actions.

Assign a question to a contact data field

To assign a data field to a question:

  1. On the EasyEditor canvas, select the block you want to assign the data field to. Either a text box, dropdown, multiple-choice, date and time, or hidden value.

  2. On the Settings menu, expand the Data field section.


  3. Expand the Assign to a data field drop-down menu and choose the data field you want to assign the field to.

    To create a brand new data field, select Create a new data field. Data types can either be text, numeric, date or yes/no. Make sure you select the right type for the data you're collecting.

  4. If you're sending to existing contacts, expand the If you already have this data for a respondent drop-down menu, and choose to either Update the contacts existing data or Hide the question from the contact.


Assign checkbox list answers to contact data fields

Checkbox list form blocks are a great way to get multiple answers from your contacts with corresponding data fields assigned to them. To assign a data field to individual answers in a checkbox list:

  1. On the EasyEditor canvas, expand the Form block menu, then drag the Checkbox list block onto the EasyEditor canvas.

  2. Enter your question and add answers to the Checkbox list block.

  3. Select the settings icon for the answer you want to assign the data field to.

  4. On the Checkbox properties menu, you can either:

    1. Select SELECT and choose an already existing data field in your account.

    2. or select CREATE NEW DATA FIELD to create a new data field.

  5. After assigning a data field, select APPLY.

    • These steps can be repeated for each answer in your checkbox list block.

Once your form is published and contacts submit their answers, all corresponding data fields attached to each answer will update to either Yes (the answer is ticked) or No (the answer is not ticked).

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