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Convert form answers into insight data
Convert form answers into insight data

Store the answers on your surveys and forms as useful insight data with survey insights.

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Private preview

This feature is currently in private preview and not available to all users.

You can use your surveys and forms as a way to gather valuable Insight data based on your contacts’ answers. This is particularly useful for large surveys and forms with multiple questions and answers. Once your contacts have answered your survey or form, the Insight data can then be used to help you segment your contacts.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Surveys insights important information

Read the following information before creating a form with surveys insights enabled:

  • Each form with survey insights enabled creates a new Insight data collection.

  • These Insight data collections are not billable.

  • Each form's Insight data collection has its own data schema, based on the questions of the form. You can customise this by entering a Question key field that is available for each form question on the left side menu in the form builder.

  • If a question is left empty without a Question key, the Insight data collection creation for the form fails.

1. Create a form with question form blocks

The first step is to create a form with the questions and answers you want to convert into Insight data:

  1. Go to Content > Surveys, pages and forms, and create a new survey, page, or form, or edit an already existing one.

  2. In EasyEditor, expand the Form blocks drop-down menu in the left panel and drag any question blocks you want to use onto your canvas.

    • You can add an optional Question Key to define the data schema instead of the question:

      1. Select the question block.

      2. Select the Settings tab from the left side meu.

      3. For Question key, enter a Question key.

  3. Select SAVE.

2. Enable surveys insights

Next, you need to configure your submit actions and enable survey insights, which allows the questions and answers to convert into Insight data for each contact:

  1. Under Respondents can complete the form choose either ONCE or MULTIPLE TIMES.

  2. Under Enable surveys insights select ENABLE.

  3. Select APPLY.

Once the form is published, all submitted answers are added as Insight data to your contacts’ profiles.

3. Check Insight data on the Single customer view

You can check your form’s answers are being saved as Insight data to your contacts’ profiles by going to the Single customer view:

  1. Expand the Audience drop-down menu and select Contacts.

  2. Find and select the contact you want to view.

  3. On the Single customer view, select the Insight data tab.

  4. Expand the Insight drop-down menu and select your form.

This shows all of your form’s questions and the contact’s answers.

4. Use form Insight data in Segments

Your form’s questions and answers can be used to construct your segment rules:

  1. Create or edit a segment.

  2. On the segment builder, expand the Data drop-down menu in the left-side column, and drag your form’s Insight data collection onto the canvas.

  3. Edit the form’s Insight data collection rules and select OKAY.

    • For example, you can select one of the form’s questions and choose which answer you want to filter by.


That’s it! You now have a segment that filters your contacts based on their answers in your form.

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