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Custom category product recommendation
Custom category product recommendation

Define filters to display desired products.

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This recommendation doesn't use extra data (such as orders or page views) to find products. The products shown are entirely defined by you.

Create a custom category recommendation

  1. Go to Content > Products > Recommendations.


  3. Hover over the Custom category block, and select SELECT.

How it works

The custom category is a general (non-personalised) recommendation. Filters defined in the recommendation builder produce a single product set. This product set is used for all targeted contacts.

The product set created will only use the filters you define. No extra statistics are considered.

Matching products are ranked in order of newest first.

Getting the best results

Custom category recommendations can cover key product areas, for example:

  • Budget snowboards for beginners

  • Bindings for Burton snowboards

  • Snow boots for children

These recommendations can then be used to quickly build targeted campaigns.

Why use this recommendation?

This recommendation type is a great way to build reusable dynamic content. It has no data dependencies other than a catalog.

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