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Trending product recommendations

Trending products is a hybrid recommendation, combining best sellers and most viewed.

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The Trending product recommendation applies appropriate weighting to balance the strength of a purchase interaction vs. a product browse. Trending is a non-personalised recommendation, which means that you can filter its list of products using our recommendation builder to create more specific recommendations, such as:

Trending selling female running shoes less than £100

Create a most viewed recommendation

  1. Go to Content > Products > Recommendations.


  3. Hover over the Trending block, and select SELECT.


To use trending products, you should review the Insight data dependencies for this type of recommendation.

You must also ensure the following:

  • You have synced data to your account

  • You have orders for products in your catalog

  • Products have a price greater than zero

Data used for building recommendation

Trending recommendations are built from your entire Insight data collection, however, the builder applies a weighting curve to ensure that recommendations remain relevant over time.

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