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Set team out-of-hours
Set team out-of-hours

Let your visitors know when you're not online.

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For smaller teams, maintaining a constant online presence might be challenging. By configuring your Chat team's out-of-hours settings, you can remove the chat widget from your site when you're offline or send automated responses to incoming chats, keeping your visitors informed about your offline status.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Watch the video

Some information in this video has changed. We are working on updating the video, but in the meantime, use the article for accurate navigation instructions.

Set your team out-of-hours

  1. Expand the User menu, then go to Settings > Chat > Chat settings.

  2. Select your team name tab.

  3. Under Out-of-hours > Enable Out-of-hours, expand the drop-down menu and select one of the following:

    • Never

      When Never is enabled, the Out-of-hours setting is disabled and the chat widget is always shown on your site. This is useful if you’re a large team and always have agents online.

    • Outside team working hours

      Setting Outside team working hours enables the Out-of-hours setting outside of your teams working hours. This is a good setting if you have agents available to cover each other during breaks within working hours.

  4. Expand the Timezone drop-down menu, and select the timezone of your team.

  5. Select + New time, to enter your team working hours. Expand the time-based drop-down menus to select the day, from time, and to time.

  6. To enter multiple days and times, select + New time again.

  7. Select Save.

When no agents are online

This is the most flexible setting; it enables Out-of-hours when none of your chat team’s agents are online.

This setting is useful if you have a small team and cannot guarantee an agent will always be available for visitors during working hours.

A chat agent is considered unavailable if:

  • They are logged out of their account.

  • They do not have the main chat page open.

  • They have set their status to away.

Out-of-hours message

If you have selected Outside team working hours or When no agents are online, you can choose what happens to the chat widget on your site during out-of-hours:

  • Hide chat

    The chat widget automatically hides from your site when out-of-hours is active.

  • Show chat

    The chat widget shows on your site when out-of-hours is active and sends an automated message to your visitors, edit the message using the out-of-hours message text box.

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