How to process a Subject Access Request (SAR)

Under the GDPR, contacts can ask to see all of the data you hold on them.

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Steps to process a Subject Access Request

To export the data you need to send to a contact, follow these steps for these three areas of the platform (should you hold data on your contact in all of these areas):

Exporting Contact data

  1. Go to Audience > Contacts, find and select the contact.

  2. Expand the CONTACT ACTIONS drop-down menu in the top right and select Export this contact.

  3. Once the export completes, select Download.
    A zip file downloads to your computer.

  4. Open it to access a CSV file containing all of the contact's data that's stored in your contact data fields. Any Insight data held on the contact is contained in separate JSON files (a file per collection).

You can now send this information to the contact.

Exporting Surveys, pages, and forms data

You may hold data on a contact in a form too, and this needs to be separately exported to fully comply with their request.

You need to repeat these steps for any of your forms that have responses::

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports, expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu and select Surveys, pages, and forms.

  2. Select the number in the Form responses column to open the Form report (if there is no number in the column, the form has no responses).

  3. On the reporting page, select the Responses tab.

  4. In the Search field, type in the contact's name or email address (whatever serves best to identify them based on the data you collected). If no results are returned, then you can move onto the next form to search for the contact's data.
    If results get returned, then you know you need to export the form's results.

  5. Select Export to CSV and then select EXPORT.

  6. You're taken to the Exports page. Once complete, select Download and a CSV file is downloaded to your computer.

  7. Open the CSV file, filter for the contact in question and then copy and paste only the data belonging to that contact into a new file

You can now send this information to the contact.

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