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Set up and edit your company information, billing address, payment methods, and billing contacts.

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To access Billing details:

  1. Expand the User menu and select Settings.

  2. Go to Billing > Billing details.

Company details

The company details section is where you can view or edit the information used to invoice your company.

  • Company name
    You can’t edit this field yourself - if you need to update your Company name, contact your Customer Success representative, and they can help.

  • Preferred contact number
    Enter a phone number for a suitable contact at your organisation.

  • Purchase order number
    Add a purchase order number to be automatically applied to your invoices.
    We recommend the use of annual Purchase order numbers, where possible, to limit the number of times you need to manually update this information.
    Purchase order numbers are added only to newly generated invoices. If you want to add a purchase order number to an older invoice, contact our support team.

If you make any changes to your information, select SAVE.

Billing address

The billing address is the address that appears on your invoice. It must be the same as the billing address you use for payments.

  • Email - we send a copy of your PDF invoices to this address.
    You can add additional billing contacts if you want to.

  • Country

  • Building name/number

  • Street

  • City

  • Region

  • Postcode

If you make any changes to your information, select SAVE.

Payment details

To make paying your invoices simpler, you can add your card details to your account.

Adding a payment card to your account


  2. Enter:

    1. Cardholder name

    2. Card number

    3. Expiry date

    4. CVC

  3. Select SAVE.

  4. If you want payments to be taken from the provided card automatically, select Automatically charge my payment method for all future invoices. Otherwise, you must make payments manually.

  5. Select SAVE.

Pay by Direct debit or ACH Debit collection

To set up direct debit or ACH Debit collection payments:

    The option to pay by Direct debit or ACH Debit collection is only available to some accounts. If you don't see this option, it is unavailable to you at this time.

  2. On the Bank details form, enter your bank and payment details.

  3. Select Continue.
    The form you see adjusts accordingly to show the correct banking terminology depending on the location of the direct debit or ACH Debit collection scheme. The example below is for the UK only and is for demonstration purposes – your form might be different.

  4. Under Bank details, enter the requested bank details. Then select Continue.

For Please confirm your details, check your details are correct, then select Set up this Direct Debit.

Form details

Form field


Pay with

Shows the currency your account is set up to make payments in. You must not change this.

Country of residence

Expand the Country drop-down menu, then choose the country where your business and bank are based.

Company name

Enter your company name as it appears on your business bank account.

Email address

Enter an email address to receive notifications about payments.

Billing address (line 1, 2, Town or City, and postcode)

Enter the billing address for your payments.

Billing contacts

A billing contact is someone you choose to receive copies of your invoice. For example, members of your finance team or an accountant.

Adding a billing contact


  2. Enter the contact’s email address.

  3. Select SAVE.

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