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Use link to cart in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce
Use link to cart in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Take your customers directly back to their abandoned carts on your store and increase your sales.

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The link to cart functionality adds an additional link to the external dynamic content block used in your abandoned cart emails to display an abandoned cart's contents. Where possible, the link takes the recipient right back to where they left off on your storefront - but this isn’t always the case.

The different behaviours when the link is clicked are as follows:

  • Registered customers who are logged in are taken straight back to their cart. In doing so, we evaluate the contents of the customer's current quote and any missing items from the abandoned cart that are no longer in the customer's current cart (if they have one on the go) is re-added.

  • Registered customers who aren’t logged in are taken to the customer login page and, once logged in, they are taken to their cart – but their cart doesn’t get completed with missing items from their current quote.

  • Guests with a session that’s still active are taken straight back to their cart.

  • Guests who no longer have an active session see all products that are in their abandoned cart email.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • This abandoned cart article is for our Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce connector only, the information in this article does not apply to other implementations of abandoned cart.

  • If you want to use abandoned cart with Shopify or a custom implementation, then please read the abandoned cart sections on our Help Centre:

If you are unsure which implementation you need to use, check out the article Which abandoned carts/abandoned checkout implementation do you need?

Enable link to abandoned cart

  1. Got to Stores > Configuration > DOTDIGITAL > configuration and find the heading Abandoned Carts.

  2. Expand the Link To Cart Enabled drop-down menu and select Yes.

Customise link to abandoned cart

You can optionally customise your link to cart settings:

Your Link Text, Cart URL, and Customer Login URL all have default options that are automatically enabled if the text fields are left empty.

  1. For Link Text, enter the text you want to display in your link.

    The default wording is Take me to my basket.

    If you want to track the link you must add UTM tracking manually to your external dynamic content block.

  2. For Cart URL, enter the cart URL, this is where the customer will be taken to after selecting the link.

    It is assumed that your site's cart URL is using the default cart URL - /checkout/cart.

  3. For Customer Login URL, enter the customer login url path.

    It is assumed that your site's login URL is using the default login URL - /customer/account/login.

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