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Switch between Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance accounts
Switch between Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance accounts

For users of both platforms, easily switch between accounts without breaking your workflow.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The account switcher is only available to users who have linked accounts for both Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance.

  • Each Dotdigital account can only be linked to a single Fresh Relevance account, and vice versa.

  • When switching from your Fresh Relevance account to Dotdigital, if you are outside of the Dotdigital login expiry window, you need to re-enter your password to access the platform.

  • If you have accounts with both Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance, but don’t see the option to switch accounts, you must contact your Customer Success representative who can help you to enable the account switcher.

User management

If you create a new shared user in Fresh Relevance first, there is no automatic process to create an equivalent user in Dotdigital. For this reason, we strongly advise you create new joint users in Dotdigital, and have them use the Switch to Fresh Relevance option to create their user profile in Fresh Relevance.

When you add a new user to a Dotdigital account which is linked to a Fresh Relevance account, the user is created in Fresh Relevance when that user selects the Switch to Fresh Relevance option in Dotdigital for the first time.

To create a new shared user:

  1. In Dotdigital, expand the User menu and go to Settings > Users and teams > Users.
    In a secondary level (child) account, go to Settings > Managed users.

  2. Select NEW USER.

  3. Enter the email address for the new user, and set their account access and permissions for Dotdigital.
    Learn more in Add a user.

  4. Under Settings, select the Fresh Relevance tab.

  5. Expand the Role drop-down menu and select the permission level you want the user to have:

    • No access - the user cannot access Fresh Relevance from within Dotdigital.

    • Read only - the user can access Fresh Relevance, but cannot make any edits.

    • Edit (no admin) - the user can access, view and edit content in Fresh Relevance, but has no administrator permissions.

    • Admin - The user can access Fresh Relevance with full administrator permissions.

  6. Select SAVE.

An invitation email is sent to the user, and their user profile is created in Dotdigital once they complete the user setup process.

Learn more about Fresh Relevance users in User accounts and permissions. You must be logged in to Fresh Relevance to access this article.

Switch from Dotdigital to Fresh Relevance

  1. Expand the User menu and select Switch to Fresh Relevance.

  2. You’re redirected to the Fresh Relevance homepage, and are logged in with the appropriate user permissions for your Fresh Relevance user account.

Switch from Fresh Relevance to Dotdigital

  1. Select the user menu in the top right.

  2. Select Switch to Dotdigital.

  3. If your Dotdigital login window has expired, you’re prompted to enter your password, then select LOG IN.
    If your login window has not expired, you’re redirected straight to the Dotdigital homepage.

If you have any questions about using the account switching feature, contact us.

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