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Data syncing: Enterprise data sync options - Magento 1
Data syncing: Enterprise data sync options - Magento 1
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This Enterprise Data section only applies to Magento Enterprise users. It allows Magento Enterprise reward points data to be synchronised and mapped to Dotdigital contact data fields. It also maps a customer's membership of a segment, which allows a customer to experience a particular tailored version of a Magento site according to their membership of a segment.


Data field definitions

Reward Points

These reward points are separate to the Sweet Tooth integration we have and only utilise the core Magento reward point function.

  • Points - The number of Magento default loyalty points.

  • Amount - The value of the points the customer has based on the point-value rule you have set in Magento.

  • Expiration Date - The date the user's current points expire.

  • Last Used Date - The date/time the customer last used their reward points in an order.

Customer Information

  • Segments - If you use customer segmentation then this maps the IDs of the segments that a customer belongs to.

Why isn't the Enterprise Data section showing in the Data Mapping section of the extension?

This functionality is exclusive to Magento sites running Magento Enterprise and doesn't show otherwise.

The dropdowns to map to Dotdigital contact data fields don't contain anything. Why is this?

You need to ensure you have valid and saved API credentials.

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