Program extension reports

Learn to use the Custom program extensions report and easily monitor activity for your custom program extensions.

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Find the Program extension reports

To access the program extension reports:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.

  2. Expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu, then select Program Extensions.


Program extensions report

The report contains tabs at the top that allow you to access reporting for any program extensions.

The tabs are as follows:



Extension requests

Custom extensions or default channels.

Facebook Audience

Insights and alerts for Facebook integration.

Google Ads

Monitoring Google Ads integration and alerts.


Alerts and updates for Messenger integration.

Push Notifications

Information and alerts related to push notifications.

  • If you have not set up any program extensions, a notification lets you know and tells you how to set one up.


Use the filter options to refine your view.

You can filter by:



Provider name

Choose the provider you want to see logs for.

Profile name

Choose a specific profile under the selected provider.


Filter logs by their status, such as Pending, Processing, Failed, or Success.

View reports on a tab

To see more detailed reporting for your custom extensions, select one of the tabs.

This shows you details of contacts added, removed, failed to sync, plus any warning messages for your custom extension.

Filtering within a report

To filter further within each tab:

  1. Select the Filter icon.

  2. Choose how you’d like to filter. See the options below this list.

  3. Select APPLY.

Filter options


Contacts successfully synced

Filter to view only contacts that were successfully synced.

Contacts failed to sync

Filter to view only contacts that failed to sync.


Filter to view only warning syncs.

Add contacts to a list

On a default extension report, you can choose any contact number report (such as Contacts added, Contacts removed, or Contacts failed), and add them to a list in your account.

To do this:

  1. Select the number in the appropriate column and row.

  2. On the side panel, expand the ADD CONTACT TO LIST drop-down menu.

  3. Choose either Add contacts to list or Add contacts to new list.

Explore new extensions

If you haven't set up an extension, select its tab to see instructions on how to get started using it.

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