WinstonAI: SMS and MMS rephrase text

Transform your SMS and MMS campaigns quickly and easily with WinstonAI.

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If you’ve created an SMS or MMS campaign but think it could be improved before sending, WinstonAI, can analyse your campaign and help you to rephrase it however you want.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • WinstonAI is an artificial intelligence tool powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service and ChatGPT, and it might produce incorrect responses. It is crucial to examine any suggestions provided by WinstonAI thoroughly before making changes to your SMS and MMS campaigns.

  • WinstonAI runs against a model in Azure that's specific to Dotdigital. The model discards all information after providing feedback on your campaign.

  • Based on a fair usage policy, we ask you to use WinstonAI responsibly. Maximum 200 requests per account every 24 hours.

  • WinstonAI can provide suggestions for any language. However, all feedback and instructions are given in the language associated with your account.

Rephrase an SMS or MMS campaign message

To rephrase your SMS or MMS campaign with WinstonAI:

  1. On the Content page for your SMS or MMS campaign, select your Message.

  2. Select the WinstonAI icon, then select Rephrase text.

  3. Choose one of the rephrase styles and wait for Winston to create a suggestion.

  4. Select USE to replace your original message with Winston’s suggestion, or select COPY to copy Winston’s suggestion to your clipboard, and paste it back into your message or somewhere else.

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