What tracking domains are used in emails sent from our platform?


When emails are sent from our platform, recipients will notice our tracking domains associated with them, such as dmtrk.net (which tracks link clicks). Naturally, your recipients may be keen to verify the legitimacy of these domains if they haven't encountered them before.

In the interests of recipient security and transparency, we list all of our tracking domains below.  

Our tracking domains

If a recipient of an email sees one of the following tracking domains associated with it, then they can be sure they've received a legitimate email that's been sent via our platform:

Link tracking

  • dmtrk.net/dmtrk.com
  • r1.dmtrk.net/r1.dmtrk.com
  • r2.dmtrk.net/r2.dmtrk.com
  • r3.dmtrk.net/r3.dmtrk.com
  • ddlnk.net/ddlnk.com
  • r1.ddlnk.net/r1.ddlnk.com
  • r2.ddlnk.net/r2.ddlnk.com
  • r3.ddlnk.net/r3.ddlnk.com

Site and ROI tracking (read more about using site and ROI tracking)

  • t.trackedlink.net
  • r1-t.trackedlink.net
  • r2-t.trackedlink.net
  • r3-t.trackedlink.net

Web Behavior Tracking and abandoned cart emails (read more about using Web Behavior Tracking and our abandoned carts module)

  • webinsight.s3.amazonaws.com
  • static.trackedweb.net
  • trackedweb.net
  • r1.trackedweb.net
  • r2.trackedweb.net
  • r3.trackedweb.net

Images and documents (read more about using images and documents)

  • i.emlfiles.com, i.emlfiles1.com, i.emlfiles2.com, and so forth, up to i.emfiles9.com

Surveys and forms (read more about using surveys and forms)

  • r1.dotmailer-surveys.com (surveys and forms)
  • r2.dotmailer-surveys.com (surveys and forms)
  • r3.dotmailer-surveys.com (surveys and forms)
  • r1.dotdigital-surveys.com (surveys and forms)
  • r2.dotdigital-surveys.com (surveys and forms)
  • r3.dotdigital-surveys.com (surveys and forms)

Landing pages (read more about using landing pages)

  • r1.dotmailer-pages.com (landing pages)
  • r2.dotmailer-pages.com (landing pages)
  • r3.dotmailer-pages.com (landing pages)
  • r1.dotdigital-pages.com (landing pages)
  • r2.dotdigital-pages.com (landing pages)
  • r3.dotdigital-pages.com (landing pages)

Please note

The above tracking domains are subject to change when a sender is sending from a custom 'from' address.

For more information on privacy and security, visit our website's Trust center.

Furthermore, you can email abuse@dotdigital.com if you want to notify us of anything suspicious about any emails received.
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