Using the Columns block

Learn how to use the Columns block in your email campaign, page or form.


EasyEditor lets you add columns to your email campaign, page or form layout to organise your content.

The Columns block in EasyEditor

Using the Columns block

To use the Columns block:

  1. Drag the Columns block to the canvas.
  2. Select the block.
  3. In the Settings panel, you can choose:
    • The number of columns.
    • Custom amount of columns (up to a maximum of 16).
    • Visibility to show the selected Columns block on all devices, or only on mobile or desktop devices.
    • Mobile devices settings. You can choose if you want your column content to stack or not.
  4. Select Save.

Edit the column width

To change the width of your columns, drag the divider to the left or right.

Drag the divider to change the column width

Old columns

The Columns block is compatible with any older, existing column blocks that you already have in an email campaign, page or form.
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