Using the 'Link hotspot' report


The 'Link hotspot' report displays your campaign with an overlay that highlights how many times the links in your campaign were clicked.

The report is a useful visual reference, allowing you to quickly gauge where the hotspots are in your campaign - plus it's a good way to evaluate your link placement.

Using the report

This report is accessed by clicking on More reports in the top right of the campaign report overview screen, and selecting Link hotspot from the dropdown.


The 'Link hotspot' window will open and display your email.

You can view both the HTML and plain text versions of your campaign, so you can see how each version performed.

All the links are highlighted by an information box displaying how many times the link was clicked, as well as the click-through rate.


When you mouse over a particular link, a further box appears with additional information about how many unique clicks there have been.


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    Hello there,

    Is there any way to look at dynamic content within the email hotspot tool?

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    Hi Christopher,

    I'm afraid there isn't a way to do this with the email hotspot report. Whilst there aren't currently any imminent plans to change it, please find that it has previously been raised via our 'Feature requests' forum - Please click on the button to vote for it and start pushing it up our list for possible future consideration.

    In the meantime, you could gauge the success of different dynamic content versions by giving the links in each version different keyword names, which will enable you to get reporting on the click through rates for each one.

    Hope that may help.

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    Hello, is there a way we can fully print this report?

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    Hi Danielle,

    You can't print this particular report directly via the application, like you can by clicking Print report for a campaign's reporting overview. However, you can of course print out the frame itself by right clicking on the email hotspot report and going from there.

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    Hi Neal,

    Tried your method of printing out the frame itself by right clicking on the email hotspot report - however it only prints out the visible portion of the frame.

    Is it possible to get the full display of this report?

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    Hi Yuhan,

    You could try maximising the email hotspot report window, plus adjusting your screen resolution settings, to try to increase the portion that is visible if you haven't done so already.

    Otherwise, if all of your links can't be framed in one visible portion for printing, you may have to print more than one area of the campaign in order to capture them all.

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    Hello, is there any setting which allows the Hotspots report to display the number of clicks on an individual basis? For instance, at the moment if the same url is used in let's say an image, a text link and a CTA, all will display the same number of clicks on the report. However, it would be helpful to know how may clicks each one received individually to assess what performs well in our designs and what doesn't.

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    Hi Karl. Thanks for your question. From what you're describing, it sounds like adding a different link name to each instance of the URL would work. You can do this when using 'Link' in EasyEditor's toolbar to add a hyperlink to a campaign. By doing this, the 'Email hotspot' report will separate out the clicks based on different link names. Hope that helps.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith
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    Assuming there isn't yet the function to be able to print an email hotspot report? This seems like a basic requirement. Otherwise it's so much faffing around.

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    Hi Chris. You can't directly print this report via the application, no. However, you may want to lend your support to this feature request, asking for it to be either exportable or printable -

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    Does the view in browser link show up in the hotspot and link report?

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    Hi Dianne. The 'View in browser' link isn't counted in the email hotspot report, nor in links or link clicks reports.