View and edit your campaign summary before sending

Learn to access and review your campaign summary before sending.


You can access a campaign summary page at any time before sending it. This provides you with an at-a-glance view of the key details about your campaign.

View the campaign summary

To view your campaign summary:

  1. Select Campaigns from the navigation bar to display the list of your campaigns.
  2. Select the Summary icon.

Using the Summary page

The 'Summary' page displays your campaign details, HTML size, word count, image quantity, and links within both the HTML and plain text versions of your campaign, plus it also provides details about your testing.

Mouse over the question mark icons for helpful best practice advice.

Amber messages indicate where you might be able to devote some extra attention to your campaign, to ensure it's send-ready. 

Select Edit next to the section you want to change. 

HTML size

If the HTML size of your campaign is too large, Gmail will clip your campaign, but you can take steps to reduce the HTML size.


The link manager summary is an automated way to check your campaign links and advise if a link is valid or not. When the platform validates links it checks the URL used in the campaign and is expecting to receive a status code returned from the link to show that the link works.

Sometimes, although a link is valid, we can't validate it because the server takes too long to return its status. Additionally, some sites (for example LinkedIn) do not allow link validation, so will always show as ‘unvalidated’.

If any hyperlinks aren't validated, send yourself a test send of your campaign and check that those links work as expected. If they do, then in these cases the link has been validated by the user, rather than the automated system.summary.png

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