Using the campaign approval system


Our user permissions system means you can permit a user to design, build and schedule a campaign and, on completion, trigger an approval process that enables an account owner to authorise the send, or reject it with feedback for further revision.

How campaign approval works

  1. A user that's been set up to require approval creates a campaign as usual, including the choice of address books and/or segments to send to, and then schedules it.
  2. On the campaign summary page, the user will see a button that says Ready to send pending approval.


    Clicking it will produce a 'Send for approval' confirmation box.


    The user then clicks Confirm to start the approval process.
  3. The campaign will be moved to the 'Outbox' and an email will be sent to the account owner, notifying them that a campaign is ready for review, providing a link to that campaign.

  4. The account owner reviews the campaign content, settings and contacts, and chooses whether to click Approve & send immediately or to decline it.


    Clicking Decline produces a box in which the reasons for declining approval can be entered.


    When completed, the account owner clicks Confirm to send it back to the user.

If you don't have the campaign approval notification email

Don't worry! This link is available for a campaign from within the 'Outbox' tab. Just click on the Review, approve, or deny link alongside the campaign's name.


If the campaign is approved it will be sent as scheduled (if the scheduled date is in the past, it will be sent immediately). The originating user will be emailed to notify them that the campaign has been approved and sent.

If the campaign is declined it will be moved from the 'Outbox' tab and put back into the list of unsent campaigns, available for editing. The originating user will be emailed to notify them that the campaign needs more work (including the reasons specified by the account owner).


Setting up a user for campaign approval

Users are added by the account owner. Once a user has been added, their permissions should be set as follows:

  • Sender - Enable to allow the user to send campaigns.
    This should be ticked.
  • Can send without approval - Can send without approval (requires 'sender' permission to be active)
    This should not be ticked.


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    I really like this new functionality, my only problem with it is that you can't assign the approver. I am currently the account owner and do not have the capicity nor am I best person to approve campaigns. Is there any chance that approvers can be defined, rather than just sending to account owner?


    Ben Turewicz, Capita

  • Avatar

    Same here - I am the account owner but the manager responsible for a particular campaign must approve it. In fact, this means that one manager must approve one specific campaign, and a different manager must approve a different campaign.

  • Avatar

    Hi Ben/Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback; enhancing the approval system is definitely a possibility.

    I've opened a new feature request thread for it:

    My assumption is that for any individual managed user, campaigns would go to a single point (their line manager) for approval - or would the campaign author need to select who it goes to for approval? Add more ideas to the feature request thread!

  • Avatar

    I think both if possible. Flexibility on assigning workflow approval from an e-shot's start to sign off is key for us. It would add great depth to the system in this regard and we would welcome any improvements to this. We aren't using the current feature due to these limitations.

  • Avatar

    Approval does not show us in the list of available options.

    Amy I missing something ?

  • Avatar

    Hi Robert

    Just turned it on for your account, so you should now see the permission :-)

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    Same here, I can't change the user settings for campaign approval.

  • Avatar

    Hi Saskia,

    It sounds like the permission isn't enabled within your account, in which case please contact and our support team will more than happy to help you out.

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    I agree that admin users should be given permission (and notification) of a campaign waiting for approval. Account owners don't always use the system and/or are not the actual marketing managers. These comments are almost 7 years old but there still hasn't been an update on the feature. Please update this to allow admin users permission to receive notifications and approve/deny campaigns!