Adding social sharing and social links to your campaign


Adding social sharing to your campaign
Adding social links to your campaign


Our social tools make it easy for your recipients to share your campaign, as well as allowing you to add direct links to your own social profiles.

The two social building blocks are:

Adding social sharing to your campaign

By adding social sharing links to your campaign, you'll give your contacts a choice of networks with which to easily share your campaign. Your reporting will tell you which networks your campaign was viewed via, and which contact shared them there.

To add it, drag the Sharing block in from the side panel.


Drop it into your campaign and then click on the block to choose which networks to use and how they're displayed.


The 'Sharing' window will appear, allowing you to choose which social networks to link to (we have eight preconfigured for you). Click to select the ones you want, at which point they'll become highlighted, whilst the number you have selected is also confirmed in the bottom right.


Click Apply when you're happy with your selections, and they'll be added to your campaign.


Once applied, you're able to do the following in the side panel:

  • Add further social networks, or remove them, by clicking on Add or remove social networks to open the 'Sharing' window again
  • Alter the styling of any label text that's used with the icons
  • Choose how big the icon size should be
  • Decide where the label text of the social network should be displayed in relation to the icon (if displayed at all)
  • Change whether the icons are displayed horizontally, or stacked vertically
  • Choose whether the icons should be left or right aligned, centred, or stretched to fit the width of the whole block
  • Configure the horizontal and vertical spacing of the icons


The changes you make from the side panel will be instantly applied in EasyEditor, allowing you to check your alterations as you go along.

You can also preview them properly via the Preview tool.

The social networks you choose will be saved and used as the default selection when you next use the tool.

Adding social links to your campaign

By adding links in your campaign to your own social network profiles, you can make it easy for your recipients to follow, like or connect with you.

Do this by dragging the Social links block in from the side panel.


Drop it into your campaign and then click on the block to choose which of your social profiles to use and how to display them.


The 'Social links' window will appear, allowing you to choose which of your social profiles to link to (we have nine preconfigured for you). Click the checkbox to select the ones you want, at which point they'll become highlighted, and then add the URL of your social profile for that selected network in the field provided.


Click Apply when you're happy with your selections, and they'll be added to your campaign.


Once applied, you're able to make changes in the side panel in the same way you're able to when using social sharing.

Just as with social sharing, the social links you choose will be saved and used as the default selection when you next use the tool.

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    Right I got that but then how do you put the path to your social network page?

  • Avatar

    Im also a little perplexed as to how I get this to link to our social networking pages

  • Avatar

    Hi Helen/Paul,

    Good questions; this feature is set up for your contacts to share their your emails with their network, rather than for them to subscribe to another one of your channels, so you'll need to use another tool for that.

    It's the difference between:

    To do the latter, you need to add a link in the normal way; which would be a link by inserting the text "Follow us on Twitter" or an image into your template and linking to something like:

    If you need logos for Twitter, Facebook, and so on; I've attached a zip file with a few to this comment.

  • Avatar

    Its funny, I just had to explain this same question to someone else the other week whereby they thought the social buttons where to set up links to the broadcasters social channels.

    Good explanation and I may actually reuse it

  • Avatar

    Any chance icons for other networks could be added to the list? Evernote and Netvibes might be useful, for example.

  • Avatar

    Hi Mark,

    Definitely a chance. I've opened a couple of feature requests at:

    So, if you head over to those pages and add your vote, that'd be great.

    I'm not totally familiar with the Netvibes model; but Evernote is compatible with the service.

  • Avatar

    Hi, I need to add a 'Pinterest' button and also want to add a fb 'like' button as well as a direct 'facebook' button... any chance these could become available or are they already?   ...Pinterest's of major interest at the moment and definitely trending high, we have recently opened a Pinterest account so really would like a relevant button for it. Rgds Lisa

  • Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    We've got a feature request thread open on  adding a Pinterest button. It would definitely be worth hopping across to that thread and adding your vote.

    The share on Facebook button is in there, but I don't think we have a request for a Facebook like button feature request thread just yet.

  • Avatar

    hello, I believe that you should make appropriate changes on time that follow the digital changes happening online otherwise you are just left behind.

    The pinterest icon should be added in the social options asap. 

    Also I would like to be able to add a social icon that will lead to my company's brand page or profile.

    Writing "follow us on Facebook" with a link on this, is not a professional solution. we would like to be able to add the facebook icon and we want to be able to place it anywhere in the text. The social icons provided by dotmailer can only be aligned in the centre or on the left but not on the right. why not?

    best, Maria

  • Avatar

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the feedback. Pinterest is an interesting one because you can't pin an HTML email on Pinterest, you can only pin images — so it wouldn't fit with the existing social sharing system where you share an HTML copy of the email. We've got a few ideas for how we could offer Pinterest integration across on the feature request for 'Add a Pinterest to the social-bookmarks feature'. Do add a vote to that thread and let us know how you'd like the feature to work.

    If it is a more standard "Follow us on..." tool your after, rather than a bookmarking tool, then we do have a thread for this across at:  'Social network links to subscribe or follow us'. The short term solution for this is to insert the image to your campaign and link it to your Facebook page, YouTube page, etc. There's a zipfile further up this thread with icons you can use (for Pinterest there are some logos at:

    As for why they can't be right aligned... good question; I'm not sure any one's brought up alignment for the element before, but we can certainly take on a  feature request for it and see if it gathers some votes.


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    what if we have a Tumblr site and a Wordpress Blog which we would like people to visit. You do not have either icon to choose. What do we do about ones that arent in your preconfigured options?

  • Avatar


    Can you help? my templae isnt marked up for easy editor - Ive loaded in the html my desing agency sent to me and am working on that- how do I ad social links this way ?




  • Avatar

    I'm sorry to say your software is not fit for purpose

  • Avatar

    I'm trying to add a social link for Twitter but there doesn't seem to be an option to centre align it but occasionally it aligns itself automatically when I haven't done anything to it? Can you help or point me in the right direction?



  • Avatar

    Hi Sophia,

    In the Settings side panel that opens when you're clicked on your social link or sharing block within your template, and underneath Label position, there is a button you can select called Stretch to fit. 


    Clicking this will centre your social link or sharing icon within the block. De-selecting it will left align your icon, which is the default alignment. Hope this helps!

  • Avatar

    Hi all, Instragram became one of the largest and fastest growing social networks now. We have a need to add instagram into Social Links

    Thanks, Erich

  • Avatar

    Hi Erich,

    I was going to suggest that you posted this in our 'Feature requests' forum...but I see you already have! In fact, there is an existing request for Instagram posted in December - - so you may also wish to add to it by posting your support there and voting for it. The more support it gets, the more chance it has of being taken up!

  • Avatar

    Everyone - Instagram is now included in the list of social profiles. Check out for more info!

  • Avatar

    Hi Will we have any flexibility with the images used for thumbnails. We get a lot of negative feedback on they way the shares grab thumbnails.

  • Avatar

    Hi. Thanks for your question. Currently, such as with Facebook shares, the image is chosen randomly from the campaign or landing page and there isn't any ability to control this.

    However, I see you have already lent your support to this feature request - - and I'd urge anyone else who would like to see this addressed to also vote for it. The more support it gets, the more chance there is that it will get picked up to be worked on.

  • Avatar

    Are there any plans on getting a Trip Advisor icon added to your social options?

  • Avatar

    Hi Lauren. Thanks for your suggestion. Whilst there aren't currently any plans, I've converted this into a feature request and passed it on to the product team here, and you'll be notified of any progress.