Adding RSS feeds to your campaign


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as news, blogs or products.

Adding an RSS feed to your campaign makes it easy to save time whilst including relevant content to your users, particularly if you're automating your campaign sends.

An RSS feed block in your campaign will show title, summary and link for the most recent items in the specified feed.

Whereas an RSS feed can be added to HTML emails, please note that we don't support RSS in plain text emails.

Adding an RSS feed to your campaign

To get started, drag an RSS feed block into your campaign from the side panel.


Drop it into an EasyEditor dropzone and then click within the block to configure it.

The Settings window will open in the side panel, allowing you to:

  • enter the URL of the RSS feed you want to insert; we'll let you know if the URL contains valid RSS
  • choose the number of items to display (we'll show the most recent ones)
  • choose whether to include a 'Read more' link and, if so, what it should say
  • refresh the feed on each send by ticking the checkbox, ensuring the campaign's content is as relevant as possible on future sends and recipients won't receive 'old' news



We update an RSS feed every 60 minutes when the checkbox 'Refresh feed on each send' is ticked.

Use the text toolbar along the top of EasyEditor to change the font, size, colour, style and alignment of your content.


You can see how the RSS feed will appear by using the preview tool.

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    The RSS Feed is a great add-in to the dotMailer campaigns, although it would be useful if it included Time and Date. For example, I use this RSS Feed in trigerred campaigns to promote our upcoming events. The problem is it doesn't display a Time or Date for the event.

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    Why is it that I don't get the HTML box to edit the field titles etc when I do this?  I have the other options but I can't do styling - why is that?

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    I think that was omitted because it's a little too easy to break the RSS code if you don't know what you're doing.

    That said, it's still possible to edit it if you view source for the entire campaign. See the image below. I've adjusted the formatting to make it easier to read - but as you can see this is the code for generating 3 RSS items from the BBC technology news RSS feed. Styles can be applied to each of the title, summary and read more link - just leave the <div>s and comments intact.


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    Is it possible to have this show the title only, or maybe the title and short blurb even? Right now when I try this feature it gives me the entire article in full. Thanks

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    Hi Stoo - thanks for reply above back in October, it helped a lot and we're now using RSS really nicely!

    Sarah - you'll probably need to configure the RSS feed on the website you're taking from to deliver the content in the format you want, rather than try to do that in Dotmailer.  For example, we set up specific feeds for email marketing on the website we manage for our client..