Triggering an automatic response when a contact replies to a specific campaign they've been sent


You can set up an automatic response for whenever a recipient replies to a specific campaign they've been sent.

Steps to set up an automatic response for a campaign

To set up an automatic response for a campaign:

  1. Select Campaigns from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the campaign you wish to set the automatic response for from your existing campaigns listed under the Unsent tab.
  3. Click on the fourth step in EasyEditor, Contacts, located in the top right of the screen (you also get there by following through the campaign creation process from beginning to end).

  4. Click on Add an auto responder to this campaign at the bottom of the screen from the Select contacts and schedule campaign screen. 

  5. Select the triggered campaign that you automatically want to send to the recipient when they reply from the drop-down.

    Only campaigns created as 'triggered' campaigns will appear in the dropdown, so ensure you've firstly set up this type of campaign.
  6. Click Save. Confirmation of setting up the auto responder will be stated at the foot of the Select contacts and schedule campaign screen.


  7. Click on Save & continue.

This auto responder campaign will then get sent immediately to any recipients replying to the campaign.

Steps to change or remove an auto responder

To change or remove your auto responder:

  1. Click on An auto responder has been added to this campaign at the foot of the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' screen.
  2. Select a different triggered campaign to change the auto responder to, or select None to remove the campaign's automatic response.
  3. Click Save.
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    a word of caution on the use of these types of Triggers as our company just found out today.

    If dotMailer has a backlog of single send mailers going out (eg triggered from a click through) there seems to be a risk that they are allocated 'low priority' by the dotMailer serviers.

    We experienced this in the last 24 hours providing confidential security information to 36,000 customers.


    Lets just say our telephones have been ringing off the hook instead


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    If a Default Auto Responder has been set. Is there a way to remove this for an individual campaign?

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    Hi James. If a default auto responder has been set, there isn't a way to remove it for just one campaign.

    You do have the option to go to Automation > Default auto responder and select 'None', which will stop a default auto responder going out across the board. Then you can add auto responders on an individual campaign basis, as the above article outlines, leaving the campaign you don't want sending them to not send them. I hope this is a workaround that could suit you.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith
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    Hi Neal
    Thanks for your quick reply. I have implemented your work around.
    It is a shame though as we do want the auto-responder in the majority of cases, so having it "on" by default makes sesnse, but not if we can't turn it "off"

    I have submitted a feature request.

    Thanks again