Trigger a campaign when a contact unsubscribes from an address book


You can set up a triggered campaign that will get sent automatically when a contact unsubscribes from an address book. This is called an 'unsubscribe action'.

This can be useful for saying that you're sorry to lose the contact and to thank them for their subscription, whilst you could also use it to ask for some feedback about why they've unsubscribed.

Before using this function, however, you need to have already set up the appropriate 'triggered' campaign otherwise no campaigns will be available to choose from.

Please note

The unsubscribe action campaign will only get sent to single contact unsubscribes, such as those via an unsubscribe form or a preference centre. It won't apply for bulk contact removals, such as those that can be done from the application. Furthermore, it won't get sent when a contact is completely unsubscribed from the account.

Steps to set up an unsubscribe action on an address book

To set up an unsubscribe action on an address book:

  1. Ensure you've created your address book in the normal manner, giving it a unique name and entering a description.

    Remember – if it's a public address book then your contacts will see its name, so give it some thought!

  2. Once your address book has been created, go to Email > Contacts > All contacts and select Properties alongside the address book to edit its settings

  3. Select SELECT CAMPAIGN next to 'Unsubscribe action'

  4. From the 'Select campaign' side panel that appears, select the appropriate triggered campaign you'd like to automatically send when a contact unsubscribes. This panel is scrollable and searchable, plus campaigns can be previewed before opting to select
  5. Select SAVE.

The chosen campaign will now get automatically sent to every contact when they leave the address book.

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