Introducing the Abandoned carts module

Engagement Cloud for Magento 2/Magento or Shopify connector user?

If so, abandoned cart functionality is configured and implemented differently - and the information below will not apply. Please instead read the Engagement Cloud for Magento 2/Magento or Shopify connector articles.


Our abandoned carts module is available to our non-Magento and non-Shopify users who don't already use abandoned cart email functionality.

Abandoned cart emails are an important tool and key sales recovery strategy for ecommerce businesses. 

This is why we're pleased to offer our abandoned cart module as a package that combines some of the platform's most powerful features - Web Behavior Tracking, the program builder and advanced personalisation - to help you convert your uncompleted orders and drive up your revenue.

Abandoned cart emails explained

An abandoned cart email is sent to a customer (including guests, if set up) as a reminder of the items in their abandoned cart. The email is triggered to send a certain amount of time after a customer failed to check out.

There can, of course, be various reasons why a purchase wasn't completed. Maybe it was a technical issue - your website crashed or timed out. Maybe the customer didn't have time to complete the checkout process, or they got distracted. Perhaps they hesitated at the price of their cart's contents. 

An abandoned cart email re-engages the customer and can work as both a reminder and to incentivise, offering a coupon code to encourage the completion of the purchase.

Benefits of Abandoned cart emails

Research by marketing industry experts has suggested that around 70% of online consumers abandon carts. That means about one in three carts gets checked out first time. That's a lot of potential sales to lose.

Research suggests that sending abandon cart emails sees average open rates go up by around 40%, whilst they increase purchase rate by almost 2000% when compared to that associated with standard promotion and marketing emails. 

The consensus is that they're genuinely a force to be reckoned with in terms of sales conversion strategy.

How the abandoned carts module works

As mentioned above, it makes clever use of a combination of the platform's features:

Identifying a customer

Web Behavior Tracking is an advanced module with the ability to collect identifiable contact data from browsing behaviour on your website. This will detect a customer and their cart.

Automating an abandoned cart campaign send

The program builder will be used to create a specially built program that will run if there is no purchase after 20 minutes of a cart being abandoned. It will send an automated campaign to the customer associated with the abandoned basket.

Personalising the campaign's content

The campaign itself will use advanced personalisation, our scripting language that makes use of Liquid markup to create highly targeted and relevant content. This will enable the campaign to include the contact's name, relevant other details and, most importantly, their abandoned cart's contents.

Sending abandoned cart emails to guests

This can be set in your Web Behavior Tracking profile. Visitors that aren't known by Engagement Cloud will be created as a contact, enrolled into the automation program and will be sent abandoned cart emails.

There are a couple of important points to note if you do intend to use it, however:

  • It's your responsibility to ensure you're clearly displaying the correct consent text on your site
  • We strongly recommend leaving your 'Regulatory settings' on 'Enforce double opt-in for signups from signup forms and some API methods only (default)'. If you have to enforce double opt-in for all signups, then we don't recommend using abandoned cart emails for guests as the process won't work correctly. 

Setting up Abandoned carts

We provide a purchasable and mandatory onboarding service, whilst the functionality itself comes for free. You just need to build your own campaigns.

Our Client Services team will work with you to ensure your program is worked out and set up in the best way possible for you.

Getting the Abandoned carts module 

You'll need to contact us to discuss purchasing the abandoned carts module.

Please remember that it works with Web Behavior Tracking, which will mean:

  • If you already have Web Behavior Tracking, you only need to purchase onboarding
  • If you don't have Web Behavior Tracking, you need to purchase Web Behavior Tracking and onboarding
  • Once you're onboarded, you get advanced personalisation for free (which is normally a monthly charge)
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