Using programs to remove contacts from address books and to delete contacts from your account


The Remove contact node is used to remove contacts from address books or to delete contacts from your account altogether, depending on a program action being performed or reached.


In the case of removing from an address book, this is useful if you want to automatically unsubscribe contacts from your regular newsletter series address book as they approach a renewal period, in order to send them targeted renewal-focused emails instead. 

In the case of deleting from your account, this is useful if you want to automate deletion of contacts after they've performed an action that exercises their 'right to be forgotten', in accordance with GDPR.

Using and configuring the Remove contact node

To configure the node, drag it in the node from the side panel and drop it onto the canvas after the required action, ensuring it's attached, and then click on the node. A configuration panel will slide in from the right side of the screen.


From here, select whether you want to remove contacts from selected address books, or to delete contacts from your account. 

The 'Delete from your account' option requires you to click Delete from account, at which point you'll be informed deleted contacts will be moved to the recycle bin for 30 days (and thus are still recoverable), after which they'll be permanently deleted.

Before applying the setting, you'll also be asked to confirm that you understand that: 

  • Deleted contacts will be removed from the address books they're currently in.
  • Undeleting contacts will not put them back in the address books they were in (they will only get added back to All contacts).
  • Deleted contacts are not unsubscribed, and that if they are re-added to your account they may receive campaigns. If contacts do not want to receive campaigns, you should unsubscribe them instead.

Once happy with your selection, click Apply.

Your node will be set and, when activated, your program will automatically remove contacts from your selected address books, or delete contacts from your account when they arrive at that point in the program.

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