Add abandoned cart details to your campaign

Learn how to add the abandoned cart block to your campaign.


You can add abandoned cart blocks to your campaigns to encourage your customers to complete their order.

The abandoned cart's items, quantity and price are listed, with a button taking the customer back to their order. 

The abandoned cart block is powered by our abandoned carts module.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Add an abandoned cart block

In EasyEditor, find the 'Abandoned cart' block in the 'Build' menu and drag it into your campaign.


The block will appear in your campaign, inheriting the styles of wherever you've placed it in your template.


A contact with an abandoned cart will see their items listed with the product's image, name and quantity, and the total price for that particular item.

An overall cart amount is given at the foot of the block, and a button that takes the customer back to complete their order. 


Editing settings

Some settings that you can adjust for the abandoned cart block.

Make sure you've clicked on the block in the campaign and are focused on it in order to access these settings.


You can add a source to the button link for these abandoned cart items (accessible in the left-hand side panel), allowing you to track them in your analytics program.


Button settings

You can configure the block's button and change its styles by clicking on Button settings (accessible in the left-hand side panel). 


You can also change the button's text and its styles.

Stacking on mobile devices

By default, this block won't stack on mobile devices (as indicated by the icon highlighted below).

If you'd like your abandoned cart block to stack, however, click on Styles > Display options and deselect 'Do not stack content'.


HTML access and editing

You're able to access and edit the HTML of your abandoned cart block from either the HTML button when focused on the block, or via Utilities > Edit source from the main toolbar.

If you want to customise your abandoned cart block, then please contact us.

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