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The Magento connector allows you to send review trigger emails based on a selected amount of days' delay after an order is placed, provided it's in a specific status type. Additionally you can configure settings such as the option to include an anchor on external dynamic content links, which will take customers directly to your review form for filling in.

You can also integrate with Feefo - the global feedback engine.

Please note: The external dynamic content URL for reviews can be found under 'Reviews' in the 'Dynamic Content' section of the connector.

Enabling and configuring the review email settings

  1. Create the campaigns you wish to send as review emails within your Engagement Cloud account
  2. Go to STORES > Configuration > ENGAGEMENT CLOUD > Automation > Review Settings
  3. Enable review emails from the 'Enabled' dropdown
  4. Select whether or not you'd like to allow review reminder emails to be sent to non-subscribed contacts
  5. Select the order status type upon which you'd like to base the trigger of a review email to customers
  6. Set a delay period (in days, ranging from one to a maximum of 90); the review email will then be sent that number of days after the selected order status type occurs
  7. Select the relevant campaign you created in step 1 from the 'Campaign To Send' dropdown
  8. In the field 'Reviews Anchor', you can provide the anchor used on your product pages for reviews; this allows customers clicking on the external dynamic content links of purchased products in your review email to be taken directly to your review form

  9. Click Save Config in the top right. Magento will then confirm that the settings have been saved. Your review emails will send accordingly
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