Automation: Getting started - Magento 2


The Dotdigital for Magento connector allows you to automate messaging to visitors to your online store.

Program enrolment actions

You can enrol contacts into a specific automation program, as created in Dotdigital's program builder, based upon the following actions:

  • Becoming a new customer
  • Becoming a new subscriber
  • Creating a first order as a customer or guest
  • Creating an order as a customer
  • Creating an order as a guest
  • Submitting an approved review
  • Creating a new wishlist

This means all of these types of contacts can become instantly engaged with tailored programs and will receive your targeted campaigns, offers and promotions automatically and seamlessly.

In addition, you can choose to enrol contacts into programs based upon a change in order status.

Other types of automation

You can also enable and configure the automated sending of review emails, integrate with Feefo (if you have an account), and send SMS order status notifications.

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