Dynamic content: Getting started - Magento 2

Using external dynamic content URLs

Using any of the external dynamic content URLs creates a normal page request to your site. When these URLs are dynamic (e.g. they contain an email address variable) and you send a bulk email to 50,000 contacts, Dotdigital makes 50,000 web requests to your site during the send. Depending upon your infrastructure, you may want to either throttle the send or use a non-dynamic URL.


The Dotdigital for Magento connector allows you to take full advantage of Dotdigital's external dynamic content, enabling you to send emails full of relevant content to your customers, keeping them engaged, informed and interested, and helping you to vastly improve your ROI.

You can send all sorts of various external dynamic content, including abandoned carts, review requests, unique coupon codes and product recommendations. These recommendations can be based on a contact's most recent order, or their most recently abandoned cart, or their wishlist.

Access dynamic content settings by going to STORES > Configuration > Dotdigital > Dynamic Content.

External dynamic content URLs

Listed under the 'Passcode' section are all of the external dynamic content URLs you can use within your campaigns, pulling through the relevant content for the customer or guest from your Magento store into their email. These break down into seven sections:

  • Abandoned carts - includes the abandoned cart content of a customer or guest of your site
  • Reviewsincludes the content of a customer's last order, requesting a review for it
  • Coupon codes - integrating with Magento's promotional rule builder, this allows you to insert uniquely generated coupon/voucher codes for each individual customer
  • Order recommendations - provides dynamic product recommendation content based on a customer or guest's most recent order
  • Cart recommendations - provides dynamic product recommendation content based on a customer or guest's most recently abandoned cart
  • Product recommendations - provides general dynamic product recommendation content based on best sellers, most viewed, products you're pushing and those recently viewed by the customer or guest. You can optionally add a category ID or category name to the end of the 'Best Sellers' and 'Most Viewed' URLs so that these products are taken from a specific category of your site, as opposed to being site-wide.
  • Wishlists - includes the content based on a customer's wishlist, whilst related, upsell and cross-sell product content based on the wishlist can also be pulled in

All external dynamic content URLs are also responsive when used within a responsive campaign, meaning they will look good on any device.

Furthermore, all external dynamic content URLs will return a 204 response code if no data is found for a contact. These are then recorded for a campaign in the 'Email skipped' report, which is available in the reporting overview screen in Dotdigital.


Dynamic products

This area enables you to set the display configuration for 'Wishlist', 'Reviews', 'Related Products', 'Upsell Products', 'Crosssell Products', 'Best Sellers', 'Most Viewed' and 'Recently Viewed' dynamically pulled into your associated product recommendation emails.

The display type can be altered via a dropdown between a grid or list view, whilst the amount of items to display can also be altered too.

However, in terms of 'Reviews', there is simply the choice between a grid or list view of the products making up the contact's last order.

'Best Sellers' and 'Most Viewed' contain an extra option to alter the time period from which these product recommendations are taken against - daily, weekly or monthly.



How are products selected/ordered in external dynamic content blocks when they're associated with multiple products?

If an order or quote has more than one product in it then one recommendation per product is pulled in, beginning with the most expensive and looping through the products until the recommendation block is complete.

What if a recommendation is a product already within the order/quote?

We ensure we never show duplicate products.

What if a recommendation is out of stock?

We ensure we never show out-of-stock products or products with the display settings as hidden or disabled.

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