Changing the link URL in a sent campaign

Accidents happen, and sometimes campaigns get sent with an incorrect URL in one of the links. It has happened to just about every marketer.  Thankfully the Engagement Cloud has functionality that allows you to correct those broken URL's post send.


System default links, such as unsubscribe, double opt-in, view in browser cannot be changed.  Although the URL's of the link can be changed, content such as the body text or images cannot.

  1. To change a link to a previously sent campaign access the campaign from Campaigns > My Campaigns > Sent.
  2. Click the Summary icon next to the campaign name.CP_sent_campaigns_2.png
  3. On the summary page, click View/Edit next to Hyperlinks.CP_view_edit_links.png
  4. From the link editor, click the Pencil icon next to the link.CP_edit_link.png
  5. Update the URL. When done, click the Disk icon to save.CP_URL_name.png


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