Insight data checker


Each type of product recommendation has different data dependencies, and the Insight data checker can identify issues in your data. This tool appears in the sidebar when you create a new product recommendation. As a side note, for products to be available for selection in a product block, they need to be added to an account's AccountInsight in a collection name that's prefixed with 'catalog_'.

The checks performed identify two categories of problem:

  • Warnings: you can still create the recommendation, but the results will not be optimal
  • Errors: the state of the data prevents us from creating a recommendation

The Insight data checks on two levels: catalog and product. The catalog level will let you know that your schema is wrong, whereas the product level will zoom in on the specific product that's causing the problem.

Types of validation

The below table details the Insight data checks that we perform.

Type Description Status
Schema validation

Checks whether the dependent Insight data collections use a valid schema (i.e. they have the correct fields).

Schema validated: products and orders.

SKU validation Checks whether each product has a unique SKU. This field should be unique, otherwise your best sellers may wrongly attribute sales. Warning
URL validation Checks whether your products have valid links. Without a valid link, contacts will not be able to click through to view the product. Links should be full URLs pointing to your live website. Warning
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