Which abandoned carts/abandoned checkout implementation do you need?


There are three main implementations of abandoned carts/abandoned checkout across the platform and our integrations.

Don't mix and match

These are all separate versions, and shouldn't be used in combination with each other (unless documented in the case of the Shopify connector) - otherwise you'll encounter problems.

The implementations are listed below, with links to their associated support articles. Please only make use of the implementation that meets your needs.

Abandoned carts module

This is available to our non-Magento and non-Shopify users who don't already use abandoned cart email functionality.


Abandoned carts

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Dotdigital for Magento 2/Magento

If you're an Dotdigital for Magento 2/Magento user, please use its native abandoned carts functionality.

Dotdigital for Magento 2

Dotdigital for Magento

Shopify connector

If you're using our Shopify connector, please use its native abandoned checkout functionality. An abandoned checkout is different to an abandoned cart - it's triggered when a customer abandons your site from the checkout page (after adding items to their cart). An abandoned cart is triggered when a customer abandons your site from any page, including the checkout page. 

It's possible to convert this process into abandoned cart functionality by adding extra scripts (taken from the platform's abandoned carts module) to your website. 


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