Also bought product recommendations

Learn about Also bought product recommendations in email campaigns and on your site.


Also bought is a personalized recommendation. By giving this recommendation a product (such as from an order), it will then show the most popular products people who bought that also bought.
This recommendation can also be edited in the recommendation builder to add additional filtering. For example, to exclude products under a certain price. 

Also bought recommendations will generate results for all products in a catalog even if they have been hidden by recommendation rules, however the results for a product will not contain products filtered by these rules.

Also bought recommendations in emails

When used in an email, also bought recommendations look to the most recent order placed by the customer. If this order contains multiple items, the recommendation will favour the highest value item. This is then set as the featured product.  

Also bought is a strong recommendation for post-purchase emails. 

In EasyEditor, dragging an 'Also bought' recommendation into an email allows you to configure its design and layout. Unlike other recommendations, also bought has two views:

  • Simple: shows just the name of the featured product
  • Detailed: shows the featured product and its image

The also bought product recommendation is designed for automated post-purchase marketing. It works best as a triggered send within a week of purchase. For extended post-purchase marketing, the best next recommendation is more effective. It uses machine learning and collaborative filtering to give a more optimised recommendation for this customer journey phase.

Not for bulk campaigns

The also bought recommendation is not intended to be used in a bulk campaign. It will not produce optimal results as some contacts may have last purchased a long time ago. It may also slow down your campaign sending significantly.

Also bought recommendations on site

When used on your website, also bought should be embedded on the template at the lowest level product page. The product page URL is then sent by the script to Dotdigital.

Onsite recommendations can be customized to use appropriate HTML and CSS to match your website.


To use also bought, you should review the insight data dependencies for this type of recommendation.

You must also ensure the following:

  • You have synced data to Dotdigital
  • You have orders for products in your catalog
  • Products have a price greater than zero
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