Customer dashboard

Learn to use the customer dashboard to better understand your customers.


The customer dashboard shows an interactive visualization of your customers (grouped by RFM persona) and a table showing revenue by persona.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The data displayed in the dashboard is based on ALL transactional data in your account, this includes customers that are suppressed or have unsubscribed since they were first added to your account.

Finding the customer dashboard

To get to the customer dashboard, go to Analytics > Commerce analytics > Customer.

Customer dashboard chart

The chart at the top of the page gives you a visual representation of your customers grouped into named personas to describe their purchase behaviour. You can use this chart for your own data needs, but also if you select a section, you can quickly create segments based on RFM personas.

To learn how, check out the article Create a segment based on an RFM persona.


Stages of the customer lifecycle

Each persona is positioned at one of three stages of the customer purchase lifecycle. These ranges are visible at the top of the chart.

Recency score Lifecycle stage Description
3 Active The customer has made a purchase very recently.
2 Lapsing

Customers who have fallen outside of the recent purchase window; they should be re-engaged before they become inactive.

1 Inactive Customers who have fallen outside of the lapsing group. Generally, these customers are harder to re-engage.


Revenue by persona

The dashboard also provides key commerce metrics grouped by RFM persona. You can use it to easily identify risks and opportunities in your customer base.


Understanding the metrics

  • Customers: the total number of customers in a persona
  • Revenue: the total lifetime revenue yield from a persona
  • % of revenue: the percentage of total revenue yield from a persona
  • Avg. CLV: the average customer lifetime value by persona
  • Avg. order: the average number of orders placed by a persona
  • AOV: average order value by a persona

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