Customer dashboard


The customer dashboard provides a tree map visualization of a store's customers grouped by RFM personas.



The size of a persona's cell doesn't relate to the number of customers in it. Instead, the size and position of a cell maps to RFM scores shown on the horizontal and vertical axis.

Stages of customer lifecycle

Each persona is positioned at one of three stages of the customer purchase lifecycle. These ranges are visible at the top of the chart.

Recency score Lifecycle stage Description
3 Active The time window during which a repeat purchase is most likely to occur.
2 Lapsing

For contacts whose recency has passed the active time window and a repeat purchase is less likely.

1 Inactive The most recent purchase was long enough ago that the contact is extremely unlikely to make another purchase.

Revenue by RFM persona

The dashboard also provides key commerce metrics cohorted by RFM persona. It helps you easily  identify risks and opportunities in your customer base.



  • Customers: the total number of customers in a persona
  • Revenue: the total lifetime revenue yield from a persona
  • % of revenue: the percentage of total revenue yield from a persona
  • Avg. CLV: the average customer lifetime value by persona
  • Avg. order: the average number of orders placed by a persona
  • AOV: average order value by a persona
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